NOTE: This book was written prior to the latest eruption cycle so please check with Volcanoes National Park for the latest volcano information.

Photographing Kilauea provides guidance and information to allow you to make the best use of your trip to Hawaii.  If you want to come back with amazing pictures of the volcano, this is a must have book. It shows you how to safely get up close and personal to some of the most amazing and powerful sights on earth.

What's Covered in This Book?

  • Tips on photographing lava, including lenses and camera settings.

  • Maps and location guides to take pictures of lava from the land, air, and sea.

  • Maps and location guides for amazing waterfalls, lava tubes, and hikes.

  • Critical safety information as Kilauea is an active volcano.

  • Recommendations on guides and companies that I personally used.

  • Pictures to inspire you and important links for planning your trip.


A free theme pack for Windows 8 showcasing some of the beautiful desert landscapes Matthew has explored.

As I wander through life I have found myself at times following in my fathers footsteps and trying to tell similar stories as we search for understanding. We both love the natural world, and find ourselves drawn to the same experiences. My father tells his stories through writing and I tell mine through photography. It feels right somehow that 30 years after a bear raided his camp in the Yosemite back country, one does the same to mine. As we continue this journey I know we will both keep exploring, and when our paths coincide you will have the Listening Rock.