After an amazing first day exploring Iceland it was time for....

Day 2

The first thing I did when I woke up was check the weather, Iceland has an awesome weather website and shows predicted cloud cover for up to 5 days out. Along with the photography map it was a great resource for planning the days travels.  The cloud forecast on day 2 showed the West side of the island clearing, with storms moving towards the Eastern coast, so I started off East along highway 1.

My first stop was the wonderful waterfall Seljalandsfoss.

Click to Enlarge.  Seljalandsfoss and rainbow.

As I continued to drive east along the coast the light just kept getting better and I had to repeatedly stop and just photograph whatever was around.....the houses....sheep.....  Simply couldn't pass up such good light.

Click to Enlarge. An amazing light show along the edge of the storm. Southern Iceland.

For sunset I decided to check out the black sand beach at Vik.  The light was very soft and pastel, and the ocean a wonderful blue.  Small waves so not to much drama, the scene was very peaceful and I wanted to capture that in my images.  I was a little (ok a lot) tired at this point so when I parked and looked at the beach there was a river between me and it.  Being all prepared, even though I was only a boyscout for 2 weeks, I had waders with me.  So I got them on and waded across the river with my camera.  On the far side I came across some locals who asked why I didn't just use the bridge while pointing upstream.  Apparently I was quite tired.

The photography was wonderful and afterwords I enjoyed a freeze dried dinner while watching sunset slowly fade over the mountains.

Click to Enlarge. The black sea stacks at Vik.

Day 3

After a quick rest I continued driving East along hwy 1, determined to make it to the Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon and beach for sunrise.  I think I saw perhaps two other cars on the drive, and it was quite uneventful with just the glacial out wash deserts to see in the edges of the headlights.

I made it to Jokulsarlon around first light and it was a beautiful sight.  The lagoon was jam packed with ice, and there were large chunks washed up on the beach nearby. Eager to get started I hopped up on one of the big icebergs and enjoyed sunrise while I rocked and creaked underneath me. It was a calculated risk and I knew I would likely get wet in my return to shore, but it was worth it and thankfully the ice held me. The sunrise lasted long enough that the two pictures below are on the same morning about 30 minutes apart.  I chose a wide angle lens to capture the grandeur of the scene.  The beauty was almost overwhelming and the scene felt a bit like a dream.

With the tide coming in I eventually splashed back to shore and collapsed in the back of the car.

Click to Enlarge. Iceberg Dawn at Jokulsarlon.

Click to Enlarge.  Icebergs in the surf at Jokulsarlon.

Tired out from iceberg hopping, I slept most of the day and woke up to a commotion along the shore of the lagoon. There were some people trying to maneuver a power boat and two jet ski's through the dense ice and into the lagoon.  Jumping in and out of boats and around the icebergs to push them around....sometimes falling in (while wearing dry suits).  After 30 minutes of effort they were eventually able to get the boat into clear water and pull it ashore.  Talking to them after it turns out they had just completed a jet ski tour all around Iceland, they had done it in segments totaling 10 days on the water. Sounds like an amazing trip!

Click to Enlarge. Maneuvering through the icebergs.