Welcome to the new Matthew Kuhns Photography! I have been very busy over the last few months with a myriad of projects, and many of them are finally reaching completion!  So in addition to some of the things discussed below, expect some REALLY COOL projects to be announced within the next few months. 

Website Redesign

I realize I hadn't been diligent about updating my website, so I am partway through a complete overhaul.  Updating the images and making it easier to purchase fine art and e-books through it. I'm excited to show you some of my recent work, I have been busy! Its been awesome being able to go on at least a few trips every month, from Hawaii to the Appalachians and many places in between taking over 20,000 photos. 


Expect to see several E-Books released in 2014, starting with The Listening Rock, which describes my fathers journeys illustrated by my photographs.  

I also linked to some excellent E-Books by Ian Plant, worth checking out. 

Getting back in Mountaineering Shape

One of my goals for this winter is to do more back country photography in the High Sierra.  I realized though that I've been working too much and gotten a little bit out of shape.  So after some mediocre progress on my own I was able to, after a long search, find a trainer who would help me train on my bike for mountaineering.  You can follow my progress on Strava if you want to watch me suffer: http://www.strava.com/athletes/1149613

Time Lapse System

While hiking in Yosemite with Jeff Mitchum he challenged me to create an ultra light time lapse dolly that could be carried into the Sierra back country.  I didn't really know what I was getting myself into when I said I could do it, and do it in under 5 lbs.... but a little over a year later its up and running and officially Patent Pending.  

Its a ridiculously cool design, using all I've learned about composites and 3D printing through aerospace engineering and bringing it to the photography world.   It even folds up nicely and will fit into a standard 40L pack for hiking.  

We will work to productionize it over the next few months, but if anyone is interested in one of the prototypes, let me know.