This past weekend I made an attempt at climbing Mt Whitney (14,505 ft) via the Mountaineers Route.  Quark and I started the climb with gorgeous weather and blue skies, and we made it to Lower Boyscout Lake in time for a lunch and some romping in the snow.

My gear, around 45 lbs.

After that point we were above the snow line, and the soft spring snow started making me regret my decision to leave my snowshoes in the car.  I was post holing up to my waist, and there were times I had to crawl in order to make progress.  I eventually made it past Upper Boyscout Lake and climbed the ridge near Iceberg Lake to make camp. 

A room with a view!

It was a gorgeous sunset that evening and a beautiful cold night full of bright stars.  The mountains are truly gorgeous, especially when you are surrounded by high snow covered peaks.

The next morning I arose before dawn and put on my crampons, only the snow had not frozen over night and was still too soft without snow shoes.  I realized that attempting the summit alone and tired would not be a safe endeavor, so I enjoyed the beautiful sunrise and vowed to come back another day.

Sunset looking down the Mountaineers Route with Boyscout Lake and Alabama Hills in the distance.

Quarks favorite pastime is playing in the snow. On the descent he got so excited about the glissading that he would slide down the hill, then run back to the top and line up next to me so we could race, it was very cute!