One place in the national park system shines above all others for the best nature photography, Zion National Park in Utah.  Two hundred million years of nature's violent forces of ice, snow and water carved out a canyon in the sandstone which can only be described as "awesome".   A paradise for landscape photographers, the glowing orange, red and pink textured sandstone provide a gorgeous contrast with the bright blue skies.

Unlike some national parks where there are long drives between the best nature photography locations, everywhere is a good spot in Zion.  As you wander through the canyon you're sure to find majestic viewpoints and small scale subjects like plant life alike.

For sunrise, head behind the Zion Human History Museum to the Towers of he Virgin.  As the rising sun hits the sandstone alters, the bright orange and yellows will literally take your breath away. 

The Watchman from Canyon Juction

At sunset, Canyon Junction is your best bet.  Here you can find a stream filled valley studded with bright green vegetation against the dramatic sandstone background.

For the adventurous hiker, the best nature photography and iconic panoramic shots can be found at Angels Landing and Observation Point.  Both trails are fairly strenuous and require uphill hiking holding onto chain railings, so these vistas are not for the out of shape or those with a fear of heights.

If either of those hikes feels like a stroll through the park, then you're the very rare photographer indeed who is up for the challenge of a trek to The Subway.  More than a place for pretty pictures, this hike requires rappelling, swimming and keeping your camera equipment dry.  But the phenomenal views make it well worth it.

The Subway

As with all nature photography, be aware of the inherent dangers of the wildlife in Zion which includes rattlesnakes, and take caution not to step on any of the canyon's many species of lizards.  And remember the nature photographer's mantra: take only pictures, leave only footprints.

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